Customer Service Policies

Payment Options
BlogOnCloud9 currently accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards as payment options.

Cancellation & Refunds
There are no extended contracts to sign with BlogOnCloud9. Customers are billed each month and they may cancel at anytime within the billing cycle. This means, that if a Customer had paid us for that month and then decide to cancel on day 10, the Customer will be refunded 20 days of  your previous payment. With no questions asked.

In the event that a Customer fails to pay for any services in advance, BlogOnCloud9 is entitled to suspend their services without notice until payment is made. If the account is delinquent for another billing cycle, then it will be deactived, which will result in all files and email being deleted from the server.

A US$25.00 service fee will apply to each credit card chargeback (multiple chargebacks will each be billed $25.00 each). If a Customer initiates a chargeback, then their account will be immediately suspended and the suspension will only be removed once the chargeback is reversed by the customer or the charges paid in full, including any chargeback fees.

A Customer will continue to be billed until the Customer cancels their hosting account by filling out our Account Cancellation Form. BlogOnCloud9 will not deactivate hosting for a domain without a completed cancellation form. The Customer is liable for all services rendered and billed up until the time that the account is canceled. As long as the cancellation form is completed prior to the first of the next month, the Customer will not be billed beyond the current month.

Domain & File Ownership
If you decide to migrate to another host, you will be given all your files as they are yours to keep. Also, BlogOnCloud9 does not own any rights to your domain name.

These policies were developed on 01/10/10. BlogOnCloud9 reserves the right to update them at any time.